India is a land of different religions and it is rightfully called unity in diversity. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that in every corner of the country you would find a place of worship for any religion. Our country is a home to a land of beautiful temples. From the hilly terrains of the Himalayas to the quaint villages of TamilNadu, to the caves of Maharashtra and the desserts of Rajasthan, temples are everywhere.

The temples are mighty structures with intricate decorations and cravings. Hindusim is one of the oldest religion in the world.Faith is an important aspect which generates devotion in the human mind for new thinking and lead to its acceptance as their path or religion. Indian temples showcase the various art and architecture with beautiful sculptures. There are lakhs of hindu temples in the country and some are as ancient as the land itself. Hindu temples have been built in a wide variety of styles with architectural splendour and artistic grandeur.


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